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Pembrokes season

Buddy Lembeck
Gwendolyn Pierce
Douglas Pembroke
Jason Pembroke
Lila Pembroke
Stan Pembroke
Jill Pembroke
Elliot Pembroke
Paula Thackery
Scott Baio
Willie Aames
Jennifer Runyon
Jonathan Ward
Michael Pearlman
April Lerman
James Widdoes
Julie Cobb
Jerry Levine
Julianne McNamara

Powell season

Buddy Lembeck
Jamie Powell
Sarah Powell
Adam Powell
Ellen Powell
Walter Powell
Anthony Swenson
Scott Baio
Willie Aames
Nicole Eggert
Josie Davis
Alexander Polinsky
Sandra Kerns
James Callahan
Ellen Travolta
Justin Whalin

Complete list of all guest stars who appeared in every particular episode is aviable on the site of Teddy Neos.


Michael Jacobs
David Kurtz, Michael Jacobs & Al Burton
Carolyn Hayes
Theme Composers

Production Accountant
Theme Vocalist


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