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Unfortunately there are too few sites about "Charles in Charge" in the Interet. Here are links to some of them that you may be interested in.

Nicole Eggert on "Charles in Charge"
Site with 30 pictures of Jamie. Muammer Tuncman, the owner of the site, changes the pics from time to time, since he has about 700 photos of Jamie. Site is recomennded for all Nicole Eggert fans. By the way, Muammer allowed me to put these pictures on my site, so you can find them in the Picture gallery here.

Charles in Charge
The oldest site of the show. It's owner Teddy Neos, the great fan of "Charles in Charge", has collected many interesting information, for example the full list of all guest stars in the all episodes.

For the Show That Has Everything
This site is devoted mostly to the Pembrokes' part of CiC. It contains tonns of pictures, videos, bloopers and other information, so is worth visiting, especially if you're a girl and are fond of Jason Pembroke.

Charles in Charge Online
Rather big site about the show: it has theme songs, a video clip, picture gallery, message board, and other interesting information...

Nicole Eggert
The really big site about Nicole Eggert.

The Willie Aames worship page
For all Willie Aames fans.

An Appreciation: Scott Baio
The good factual page about the actor.

Hartmih homepage
Worth visiting for the fans from Russia: jokes and episode guide in Russian!


If you have a "Charles in Charge" site and think that it's good enough to be in this list, mail me.


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