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Charles (Scott Baio) is a student at Copeland College, a live-in helper in charge of the Powell family. He's conscientious about his responsibilities and he's an excellent role model for his three teen-age charges. Plus, his school chum Buddy Lembeck (Willie Aames) is always nearby to pester him.
Charles is now in charge of the Powells and they have the same ups and downs and the same challenges and successes that all American families share. Mrs. Ellen Powell (Sandra Kerns) pines for her Naval officer husband. Her father-in-law, Walter Powell (James Callahan), is a former Navy man who's around to maintain order in Navy fashion.
The three kids are 15-year-old Jamie (Nicole Eggert), the glamour girl; 14-year-old Sarah (Josie Davis), the student of the family; and 12-year-old Adam (Alexander Polinsky), who is totally under the thrall of the charismatic Charles. In the midst of everything, Charles maintains his role as philosopher and the unwilling arbitrator of everything from menus to social graces.

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Samantha Fox about Scott Baio

Sam, who spent 18 months as a video jockey for MTV while she lived in New York, was invited to Los Angeles by Pam Anderson's ex-boyfriend Scott Baio to appear in the U.S. sitcom Charles In Charge. She says: "He was directing one particular episode and it turned out he was a big fan of mine. I flew out to L.A. to do the filming in front of an audience, but I was less than impressed with Scott. He was a bit of a brat, every time I was about to do a take he'd whisper: "What's it like when you're taking your clothes off?" I felt like telling him to get lost. Another time he smooched up to me and said: "I've often wondered what it would be like to kiss you". I leaned turned round and said: "You're going to have to wonder, aren't you". I think Pam Anderson did well to give that one the elbow".

According the Samantha Fox FAQ site


Here are two WAV files from Christina Applegate website.

Stacy (Christina Applegate) talking about Charles: "Charles is going to be our chaperone"
(From "Slumber party" - 30 Kb)
The Circle of Friendship" singing "It's a Small World" [Christina has the first line alone]
(From "Snowed in" - 94 Kb)


Connection with Happy Days

In the episode "It's a blunderful life" there was as guest actor Don Most (Ralph in "Happy Days"). In that episode Charles talked Mr Powell out of buying a lottery ticket and Don Most bought it and won and then said "Happy days are here again!" And Charles answered something like "I think Happy Days were canceled at all!"

In an other episode there is a reference to Happy days: it's the one where Charles cousin wanted to be like Chachi on happy days and Charles told him that Chachi was a weenie or dork or something like that. Please, if you remember the title of this episode mail me.


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