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If you have any screenshots from CiC you want to share with the other fans, mail me.



I have a great deal of Jamie's pictures, which I received from Muammer Tuncman. Thanks a lot to him. You can visit his site and see 30 great pictures of Jamie.

Jamie pictures, part 1 (32 ones)

Jamie pictures, part 2 (27 ones)


Here is the collection of the captured pictures I received from Pavel Ignatov aka Silver. Thanks a lot to him!

Pictures - Pembrokes (35 ones)

Pictures - Powells, part 1 (52 ones)

Pictures - Powells, part 2 (52 ones)

Pictures - Powells, part 3 (11 ones)


I put here pictures of the main actors from the show. There are not very many of them, since I took only those of good quality. Here are pictures of

Willie Aames

Scott Baio

Nicole Eggert

Josie Davis

Michael Pearlman

Alexander Polinsky

Jonathan Ward

James Callahan


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